Pool Care !

Our All-Inclusive Plan

This plan includes our 10-Point Checklist plus all of the chemicals needed for normal maintenance:

* Scrub the tile line
* Skim surface of debris
* Brush steps, seats, and walls
* Empty skimmer(s) and pump basket
* Vacuuming your pool as needed
* Test and adjust chemicals
* Periodic shock treatment
* Inspect equipment for problems
* Backwash DE or sand filter as needed (DE powder included)
* Document test results

Our Protection Plus Plan (Ideal for Salt-Water Pools!)

Our most popular plan is the best protection for your pool's overall appearance. If you have a new pool, a newly plastered pool, or a pool that just had an acid wash treatment, we recommend you keep it pristine with our Protection Plus Plan. Includes all of the above plus the following treatments:

* Scale Inhibitor inhibits calcium's ability to form scale on tile, walls and salt cells
* Stain Prevention prevents iron and other metal buildup from staining your finish
* Maintain proper salt levels according to manufacturer's recommendations
* Nature's Mineral Treatment annual recharge (Excludes initial treatment)

Our Chemical Deluxe Plan

If you enjoy maintaining your own pool, let us take care of your chemical needs. This plan includes the basic chemicals to assure that your water remains sanitized and balanced. It includes:

* Check and adjust Chlorine, pH, and alkalinity
* Empty skimmer(s) and pump basket
* Periodic shock treatment
* Inspect equipment for problems
* Document test results

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1- One-Time Cleaning
2- Drain & Refill
3- Acid Wash
4- Chlorine Wash
5- Green to Clean
6- Filter Clean
7- Pool School
8- All Other Repairs

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