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Our Pool Service Includes:

Vacuuming, brushing, netting, balancing chemicals and EQUIPMENT CHECK UP on every visit.

We maintain your pool professionally and efficiently.

Weekly, Monthly or one time clean up. Acid washes, salt systems, automatic pool cleaners, tile cleaning, equipment upgrade and more.

Chemical services, full service and premium services available.

Quality service at low prices!

One-Time Cleaning

If you need help to get that pool back into shape after some neglect, we can help! Whether your pool is suffering after a weekend party, blown out from a recent storm, or just needs a seasonal spruce up, we can quickly bring back your pool to stunning condition. This is a service provided on a one-time basis with no future obligation for ongoing service.

Drain & Refill

Want healthy, crystal clear water again? The tap water added to your pool has calcium and other minerals referred to as "total dissolved solids" or "hard water". When the sun evaporates moisture from your pool, these "solids" build up. Eventually chlorine and other chemicals cannot do their job because the dissolved solids prevent their effectiveness. Dull and cloudy water can be signs of a need for fresh water. Calcium and scale on the tile is also a sign of hard water build up. Draining your pool will slow down the accumulation of deposits on your tile and help prevent calcium from building up within your plumbing and especially your heater. Draining your pool is the easiest and most cost effective thing to do. Recommended every 3-5 years.

Acid Wash

Our acid wash results are so outstanding that it's commonly referred to as a "plaster surface enhancement". Plaster has a limited life so balanced water chemistry is important but even under the best conditions, plaster pools become stained over time. Most of these stains are turquoise blue or black in color. Hard water build-up, metals, and debris are the leading cause of stains. Our unique formulation is designed to extract the maximum amount of stains in your plaster, while being gentle to your plaster. We never hurry our acid wash process and for good reason - to assure you of the whitest, brightest pool surface possible. We use several applications of solution in order to remove the maximum amount of stains and follow it up by sanding any imperfections and hard-to-get-out stains that are still apparent in the plaster. Ask about our "Life-Time Satisfaction" Guarantee.

Chlorine Wash

When an acid wash is not required, a chlorine wash is an economical solution to a green or black algae stained pool. This option will bleach out the majority of topical stains and is a great preventative measure from algae reoccurring.

Green to Clean

Algae bloom can cause pool water to quickly turn green when water conditions are less than ideal. We'll bring back your water to crystal clear, pristine condition by reestablishing the proper chemical balance. Amazing results in as little as 24-hours!

Filter Clean

Back washing your filter is essential to maintain its effectiveness, but it is not the end of filter maintenance. All filters must be periodically dismantled and given a thorough inspection and cleaning. You'll be amazed at the difference in performance!

Pool School

New pool owners can greatly benefit by having a Pool Inspector technician teach you one-on-one about your pool. In this 1-hour class, you'll be instructed on the basics of pool maintenance, proper valve adjustment, and the do's and dont's of water chemistry. Ideal for the do-it-yourselfers.

All Other Repairs

We also handle equipment, plumbing, lights, auto controls and all other repairs related to swimming pools.

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Our Services

1- One-Time Cleaning
2- Drain & Refill
3- Acid Wash
4- Chlorine Wash
5- Green to Clean
6- Filter Clean
7- Pool School
8- All Other Repairs

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